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SKU: 5501-M

Platine d'analyse pour sonde d'humidité peut recevoir jusqu'à 4 sondes, alimentation par pile lithium, autonomie 10 ans, sortie collecteur ouvert (prévoir 1 carte relais RC213 + alimentation 12 V pour sortie sur contact sec).

Moisture processor

The 5500 moisture detection series is designed to respond to the presence of water and other non-flammable conductive liquids and to be connected in the closed loop of an alarm system. Two sensors are available; 5505 under carpet sensorand 5515 surface mount sensor. Any combination of up to 4 sensors can be used with the 5501 moisture processor.

The 5501 moisture processor can be used with any closed loop control, dialer or wireless transmitter input circuit. The processor comes with internal lithium batteries that have an anticipated life time of 10 to 15 years. The processor offers flexibility in mounting with no need for an external power source and minimal wiring required.

Points clés

  • Détecte la présence de liquide et produits non inflammable
  • Alimentation autonome