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EPROM pour centrales ATS (ATS2002/2102/2402/3002/3402/4002/4502/4602).

Intruder Alarm System

The Advisor MASTER is a full-blown intruder alarm system with more than 79 different input types. A maximum of 256 zones (inputs) can be programmed to operate over 16 independent groups (areas). Zones may be assigned to a specific area (offices, stores, etc.) or common to all (reception, canteen, etc.). Each area may have its separate RAS.

Integrated Access Control

All the ATS panels can control 16 doors and allow users to disarm alarm areas as access is granted. All panels also feature the exclusive "3 times badging" to arm. A further 48 "intelligent" doors can be controlled through optional 4-Door Controllers connected on the RS485 data bus.

Complete Family

The Advisor MASTER is a family of 4 control panels that all share the same software, accessories & manuals and only differ by the database & enclosure sizes.

Modular RS485 data bus

The Advisor MASTER communicates with up to 16 RAS's & 15 DGP's using the RS485 data bus. All remote devices on the bus are continuously polled to ensure correct operation and can be connected in star or loop configuration using the optional ATS1740 or ATS1742 interfaces.

Alarm Reporting

The ATS panels are capable of reporting alarms and specified events using a variety of formats (SIA, XSIA, CID, 200 Bd FSK or voice) via either the build-in PSTN dialer or via the optional ISDN-B channel adapter. The ISDN-D is available in the BENELUX for X-25 D-channel reporting via ISDN. In conjunction with the ATS1801 and ATS1806 a TCP/IP reporting connection can be established for the Osborn and Hoffmann receiver. Up to 4 central stations with 2 phone numbers per CS give 8 possibile reporting connections.

PLC Flexibility

The Advisor MASTER offers a total of flexibility in programming up to 255 outputs through 24 macro logic equations.

Analogue Inputs

All the inputs of the ATS panels are analogue inputs, which enables the measurement of input loops resistance (in Ohms or Voltages) for diagnostic purposes. The inputs can be 2 or 4 state monitored with EOL resistors of 2k2, 4k7 or 10k Ohms. All the control panels are TITAN Diagnostic enhanced and can measure the voltage and current supplied to all the devices on the RS485 data bus.

European Software

The ATS control panels have the same software across Europe with different country default setting. This allows international customers to streamline their security equipment and promote common security procedures throughout their European operations.